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3-2-1 Go Condition!

3-2-1 Go Condition!

Taking Go Condition regularly twice a day you’ll begin to experience subtle but noticeable and meaningful improvements to your overall well-being and sense of preparedness for the every-day as well as for game days and race days.

This short (three minute read) sets out three things you should know about Go Condition, two unexpected benefits you’ll experience and one request we have of you as an early adopter.

Three things you should know

  1. Go Condition is all natural. Go Condition pairs three different types of concentrated plant derived flavonoids which are made more bio-available and active by a combination of natural caffeine, DHA an important Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin C. (You can read more about what makes it so effective here.)
  1. Go Condition works by hormesis. Flavonoids are naturally occurring phytonutrients that when consumed in sufficient quantities become transformed by the microbiome and our own digestive system into bioactive compounds that cause the body to activate its own protective antioxidant response. (You can read more about this here.)
  1. Go Condition’s effects are amplified by exercise and activity. While Go Condition works to mitigate exercise-induced inflammation, oxidative damage and immune dysfunction its effect is amplified by moderate to strenuous exercise due to increased plasma levels of gut-derived phenolics. ( For more information on this effect please see the published paper here)

Two unexpected benefits

  1. Go Condition will improve the condition of your microbiome. Go Condition’s flavonoid compounds are food for your microbiome. When you take it regularly, your microbiome is getting the food it needs to become healthy and more able to utilize and transform those flavonoids for their most healthful effects. This is why we recommend you use Go Condition daily throughout your trial. Your body’s ability to benefit from it improves with use.
  1. Go Condition is proven to regulate your inflammasome, meaning it won’t blunt the adaptive effects of training like some anti-inflammatories do, while at the same time ensuring your inflammasome is preconditioned to handle and mitigate excessive responses to viruses and other inflammatory stimuli. (You can read more about this effect here).

One Request

We genuinely believe that Go Condition is a supplement that can help anyone looking to get more out of life whether they live work or play hard in the outdoors.

As you can tell by our short notes above a natural non-nutrient product like this takes a bit of explaining.  Most people have little experience with natural non-nutrients like flavonoids, but their effects are subtle, lasting, meaningful as well as being well researched and documented.

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Th Go Condition Team