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300 Moves x 300 Days = A+ Results

300 Moves x 300 Days = A+ Results

I'm 1/3 through my 2021 90K challenge and down 15lbs in fat and up 5lb in muscle. Try it for yourself for 30 days and see how it works for you.

300 Moves x 300 Days = A+ Results

100 Full Body Burpees

I start every day with 100 full body chest to floor burpees, featuring a full push up and a star jump at the top. With so many different modifications and alterations, it's never boring or too much. Learn perfect form here.

100 Kettlebell Swings

I'm working on lower body power so I'm swinging 54lb two handed, graduating to 72lb for the second half of the year. 100 swings takes less than 5 minutes, making it incredibly efficient.

 100 Double Unders

 Using my Crossrope weighted 1/2 and 1lb speed ropes I execute 30 "double-unders" before the burpees and again before the swings finishing with 40 more to end the workout. Total workout time 20-25 minutes.

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One Challenge

Try the 100 x 3 x 30 and post your result to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #challengedbeliefsimprove, and we’ll send you a trial pack of Go Condition Focus Bars as a thank you.

Until next time!

- Andy @wearegocondition