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Coming Soon...The Ultimate Focus Bar

Coming Soon...The Ultimate Focus Bar

Go Condition Focus Bars are formulated to give you a lift without weighing you down.

At only 25g and 90 calories they come in three bold flavors and feature three targeted ingredients, Cocoa Flavanols, Caffeine and L-Theanine that combine to deliver a punch of energy with an overriding sense of wellbeing, calm and mental clarity and focus.

They light you up and tune you in without causing jitters or brain fog that can come from run-of-the-mill drinks and snacks.

Focus Bars are a delicious functional food that builds strength and endurance, energy and focus through the combination of three active ingredients;

Built on on three core and complementary ingredients. This is what each does;

Focus Bar Product Overview & Benefits:

Go Condition Focus Bars are full of naturally present antioxidant flavonoids and contain 50mg of caffeine and 50mg of L-theanine included to promote energy, focus, and clarity. With only all-natural ingredients, they are low in calories and contain everything you need—just when you needed it—and nothing you don’t.


 Key Ingredients:

 The Flavonoids in Go Condition Focus bars are naturally occurring in the Cocoa present in each bar.

 These cocoa flavanols increase nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that supports healthy blood flow and enables the delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients to every organ, muscle and tissue throughout your body. This means that critical parts of your body – including your heart, brain, muscles and even skin – can get the nourishment they need to perform at their best.

 50mg of L-theanine—L-theanine stimulates activity in the brain known as alpha waves, which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state. L-theanine helps provide focus and clarity to the mind. L-theanine has also been shown specifically to counteract the negative effects of caffeine, like jitteriness. (Source: )

How L-theanine works

 L-theanine promotes relaxation by contributing to a number of changes in the brain:

Boosts levels of GABA and other calming brain chemicals. L-theanine elevates levels of GABA, as well as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are known as neurotransmitters, and they work in the brain to regulate emotions, mood, concentration, alertness, and sleep, as well as appetite, energy, and other cognitive skills. Increasing levels of these calming brain chemicals promotes relaxation and can help with sleep.

Lowers levels of "excitatory" brain chemicals. At the same time it is increasing chemicals that promote feelings of calm, L-theanine also reduces levels of chemicals in the brain that are linked to stress and anxiety. This may also be a way that L-theanine can protect brain cells against stress and age-related damage.

Enhances alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are associated with a state of "wakeful relaxation." That's the state of mind you experience when meditating, being creative, or letting your mind wander in daydreaming. Alpha waves are also present during REM sleep. L-theanine appears to trigger the release of alpha-waves, which enhances relaxation, focus, and creativity.

One of the most appealing aspects of L-theanine is that it works to relax without sedating. That can make L-theanine a good choice for people who are looking to enhance their "wakeful relaxation," without worrying about becoming sleepy and fatigued during the day.

There are three key benefits L-theanine when it is paired with Caffeine;

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety. L-theanine is what’s known as an anxiolytic—it works to reduce anxiety. Some anxiolytics, such as valerian and hops, have sedative effects. L-theanine, on the other hand, promotes relaxation and stress reduction without L-theanine can help foster a state of calm, attentive wakefulness.

L-theanine has positive effects on both the mental and physical symptoms of stress, including lowering heart rate and blood pressure.


  1. Enhances attention, focus, memory and learning. Under stress, the body increases production of certain hormones, including cortisol and corticosterone. These hormone changes inhibit some brain activity, including memory formation and spatial learning. L-theanine helps to lower levels of the stress hormone corticosterone, and avoid the interference with memory and learning.

L-theanine may help boost other cognitive skills. Research shows L-theanine can increase attention span and reaction time in people who are prone to anxiety. It may help improve accuracy—one study shows that taking L-theanine reduced the number of errors made in a test of attention.

L-theanine is used with caffeine to enhance cognitive skills. Studies show that combinations of L-theanine and caffeine can improve attention span, enhance the ability to process visual information, and increase accuracy when switching from one task to another.

  1. Helps maintain a healthy weight. L-theanine may play a direct role in weight maintenance. There’s scientific evidence indicating L-theanine may help to limit fat accumulation and weight gain. In addition the anti-anxiety abilities of L-theanine may help people to maintain a healthy weight as limiting stress is key to sticking with a healthy diet and avoiding weight gain.


50mg of Caffeine—Caffeine needs no introduction! But bears a little explanation. Caffeine is fast acting and  helps promote productivity, energy, and increases reaction time. It functions by blocking the effects of adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that relaxes the brain and makes you feel tired. Typically, adenosine levels build up over the day, making you increasingly more tired.

Caffeine may also increase blood adrenaline levels and increase brain activity of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. This combination further stimulates the brain and promotes a state of arousal, alertness, and focus.


In combination, “Where the Mind leads the Body follows”;


Increasing blood flow to all organs and combining L-theanine + caffeine together creates a truly focused, energetic, productive mind while giving your body the energy to feel up for the challenges of the day, in mind, body and spirit.

L-theanine on its own isn't a stimulant. It will help with clarity and focus to a degree but doesn't provide the raw energy boost that caffeine does. Caffeine as a standalone product helps with productivity, energy and increases reaction time but doesn't unlock focus, attention & clarity. Together they combine their best of attributes to create a truly focused, energetic, productive mind.

The dose of 50mg of L-theanine and 50mg of caffeine is ideal to ensure that these two compounds support but don’t overwhelm each other. They provide all the energy, awareness and focus you need with none of the jitteriness and anxiety you don’t. Literally the best of both worlds.

Serving Size: 

Focus bars are small in size at 25g, low in calories (90-110), low in sugar (which are all naturally occuring) but big in punch, giving you the energy and focus you need to get through your day.

The small size allows you to control the energy dose you want. Need more of a boost? Just eat two. The size also ensures that the bars don’t exact a price on your appetite or leave you feeling weighed down. They deliver everything you need and nothing you don’t

 The Taste. This is not comfort food. Its “Defy Comfort” Food 

Despite being small in size and light in calories and weight, these bars have been designed to pack a punch to your taste buds. Before you feel the effects of the active ingredients the bars will already have left their mark on your mood. They taste intensely satisfying and it is likely that you’ll overwhelmingly love at least one of them, and maybe not the others. That’s fine by us…in fact that is the intent. 

You can’t defy comfort or challenge yourself to improve from the middle of the road.

The taste that everyone is at least somewhat partial to is Peanut & Chocolate chip. Combining sweet and more tart tastes with a smooth overlay of cocoa butter is always OK with pretty much everyone.

It’s the darkness of the Mocha and the dry sweetness of the Coconut that really divide opinion. They truly defy comfort and defy description. You’ll either love them or reject them…but you’ll always respect them. The only way to find out which is true for you is to try them.

The Macros.

 These bars are built on a foundation of rich nut butters for a sensational mouth feel and taste, as well as good serving of healthy fats. They feature 4-5g of healthy lean pea protein 4g of fiber and only 4g of natural sugars (from honey and chocolate) so they deliver their all taste and energy while almost any diet intact.


Perfect to kick of your day, tune you in for a test, set you up for a workout, pick you up in the afternoon help you stay alert on the road, or an extra energy boost for the trail. Wherever your spirit moves you, and your mind takes you these bars will help you follow with anticipation, excitement and purpose.

Focus bars come in three bold flavors; Mocha, Peanut Chocolate Chip & Sweet Coconut.