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Flavonoids, the unsung heroes of nutrition

Flavonoids, the unsung heroes of nutrition


As a nutrition research scientist myself, I suppose I am closer than most to the intricacies of nutrition and its importance to human health. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that flavonoids are truly the unsung heroes of nutrition and GO Condition supplies them in a proven formula to help me obtain my goal of continuous optimized nutrition.

As a scientist I am driven by things that are important enough to really scare me. Early in my career I wanted to know how to detoxify chemical weapons so we can get rid of the large stockpiles we have. When I worked out how to do that, I needed a new challenge and found myself transitioning into nutrition. Doesn’t sound that scary right? Wrong! During the last decade of my career I have learned how critically important complete nutrition is to our overall health and quality of life, especially as we age.

Most alarming to me is how easy and therefore dangerous it is to not get complete nutrition or in other words to have “gaps” in it you don’t fill. Diets low in fruits and vegetables are devoid of flavonoids and its incontrovertible that people with diets low in these nutritious foods suffer from disease earlier, age faster and generally descend into poor health more easily. We must avoid that gap at all costs!

Personally, I like to think I eat well and I do as often as I can but the reality is that sometimes I just don’t get the time, have the right stuff in the fridge or am too busy to get it all organized and that bugs me! I know I don’t need any gaps in my nutrition which is why I treat GO Condition as my go to “gap” filling product. As a scientist I rely on things being proven to me and the research on GO Condition is real proof that it works.

My advice to anyone is to eat as healthily as you can but make sure you keep GO Condition handy and when you know you’re heading into a “gap” hit the GO Condition, the gap disappears and you’re off and running again feeling good knowing you did what works!

By Nick Gillitt;

Nick Gillitt PhD is an experienced nutrition researcher working for over a decade exploring the effects of flavonoids on human health. He ran the Dole Nutrition Institute for many years and is now Chief Scientific Officer for a company that helps nutrition researchers with the techniques they need to do their work. As such he has a unique knowledge of why nutrition is so critically important to optimized health and disease avoidance.