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Go Condition Snack bars. All natural, clean energy

Go Condition Snack bars. All natural, clean energy

Go Condition Snack bars are formulated to be substantial and provide about 220-230 calories of clean, stable energy in a 50g bar.

These bars are all natural, low in sugar, high in fiber and feature non- dairy vegetarian pea protein and quinoa crisps to provide a great balance of protein, healthy nut fats and carbs for energy and health.

They are great as a supplement to exercise or the occasional meal replacement.

They won’t melt in heat and deliver a great taste and a very smooth glycemic profile so your blood sugar won’t spike, leaving you clear minded, refreshed and satisfied.


  • A true whole food bar, with no unpronounceable ingredients. Nutty, rich and dense.
  • Food your body recognizes and can use.
  • Infused with cocoa flavonols for great nitric oxide production, good for blood flow and energy
  • Cacao nibs are a superfood that provides minerals and antioxidants, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor.
  • Not chocolate covered. The chocolate is there to work for you, not to mask the flavor of other ingredients
  • Very balanced macros between healthy fats, fiber rich carbs and natural sugars and vegetarian protein
  • Chia Seeds and Quinoa pack a ton of fiber, healthy fats and vegetable protein (as to all the nuts)
  • Quinoa is a gluten-free source of B vitamins, essential minerals, and flavonoids.
  • Very stable energy, low in sugar high in fiber
  • Sweetness from wildflower honey, All-natural sugars
  • Dense, tasty and satisfying
  • Stable in any environment, out on the trail, at home, at work

Why not try the taster pack found here