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Newsletter #2 October 29th 2020. The world's fittest 65 Year old!

Newsletter #2 October 29th 2020. The world's fittest 65 Year old!

3-2-1 Go Condition!

A couple of times a month we share three interesting or inspirational quotes or articles we found about nutrition, health & fitness, two great offers we created for you and one challenge you can undertake to push yourself and others to be “Go Condition” every day. We try to keep it brief and useful, so do let us know if you’ve seen anything interesting we should include next time.


Three Interesting Things


  1. Is this the world’s fittest 65 year old? Mike Millen from the UK is getting a lot of attention online these days with thousands now following his workouts on Instagram. And hardly a weight in sight. It’s all bodyweight and balance mixed with a playful attitude. Check him out @mikemrun


  1. Cold showers lead to fewer sick days. Researchers in the Netherlands asked 3,000 volunteers to finish their morning showers with a 30-, 60-, or 90-second blast of cold water, or to shower as they usually did, for 30 consecutive days. Then they looked at the work attendance records of the same people over that period. On average, in all the groups that doused themselves with cold water, people were absent 29% fewer days than people in the control group. The researchers’ conclusion: Cold showers lead to fewer sick days. The rationale? Hormesis. Try our Scottish Showers challenge below and see for yourself.


  1. Flavonoids increase your power output. studyin the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that citrus flavonoid supplementation showed increased power output in weight lifting and improved exercise performance overall. “Citrus flavonoids have been shown to improve performance through more efficient energy pathways which allows energy to get to muscles more effectively and improve power output.”


Two Great Offers


  1. com has relaunched its store and currently has a 31% off Halloween sale on. Just use the code SPOOKY at checkout.


  1. Our favorite sports supplement and equipment store is com. Check it out and make sure that you sign up for Matt’s emails. They are always an education in themselves and you’ll get access to great discounts and a limited edition water bottle just for signing up.


One Challenge


Challenge yourself this week to take “Scottish Showers” as favored by James Bond in Ian Fleming’s novels. Start with very hot water to get clean…and then when you are clean jam the faucet over to full on cold and stay for at least 30 seconds and see how much longer you can go by week’s end. Cheat Code: Do air squats while under the cold water you’ll be able to stay a lot longer. Try it. You’ll like it. And you’ll feel “Go Condition” all day.


Speaking of challenges, 2020 has been full of them and this flu season will be another one, so don’t leave your immunity to chance this fall. Try our ultimate immunity double act of Vitamin D and Go Condition for only $20.20.