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Nutrition 911

How to stop “eating yourself to death” and bring your body back to vibrant life with good sense and a healthy dose of “phyto-chemical warfare”.

Phyto-chemicals are the ever-ready “initiators” of our own powerful protection systems  

Sounds wrong, right! Eating ourselves to death? 

Sadly, that is exactly what the vast majority of Americans are doing every single day. We are over-fed and badly under-nourished. This is surprisingly easy to do as we overload on empty fat and sugar filled calories while missing out on the essential nutrients and natural compounds we need to fuel a healthy body and healthy metabolism. 

Taking on visible and invisible threats.

Too many calories make us overweight, even for those of us who get plenty of exercise. But carrying a few (or even many) extra pounds is the least of our worries. A diet heavy on energy but light on nutrition can wreak long lasting havoc on our health…even if we are able to work the pounds off. “Lean” may seem to be healthy but it isn’t necessarily “healthier”.

Most Americans are missing out not only on adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals but crucially on the lesser known group of natural plant compounds called phytonutrients which activate the body’s own cell-based protection mechanisms. Not having them severely hamstrings the natural metabolic processes which were built to allow us to stay healthy in the long term. 

A bad diet today has inevitable, unavoidable and often ‘invisible-until-its-too-late’ long-term consequences. 

What then is good nutrition? 

Good nutrition is built on the ‘core four’ basics:

  1. First do no harm! Avoid anti-nutrients such as cholesterol, salt and saturated fat (Spoiler…avoiding processed foods is a good first step here).
  2. Get your ‘macros, straight and in proportion. Maximize whole food sources of the necessary macronutrients (carbs, protein and healthy fats) needed as the building blocks and fuel sources of basic metabolism.
  3. Get familiar with for your own ‘micros’. Get to know what your vitamin and mineral needs are and get as many of these micronutrients as possible from whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables.
  4. …and unleash your ‘chemical’ agents. Maximize phyto-nutrient intake. These are the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds found only in plant-based foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

If you do these four things as much as you can you are well on the way to giving your body exactly what it needs to manage weight control and optimize your metabolism ensuring and maintaining a normal immune function, a healthy aging process, blood pressure, glucose control etc. 

Of course, it should be no surprise to anybody that the solution is to peel back on fast and processed foods and load up on whole foods (nutrient dense) particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. However, as we all know doing all these things all the time is not always practical in this fast-paced age of convenience, sometimes we need a little help. Go Condition should be your go to “first responder” to wage phyto-chemical warfare on the damage a poor diet can do to your body from the inside.

GO Condition was designed to give you the phytochemical ‘shot in the arm’, you need when your diet is not quite where it should be. Long-term, diets low in fruits and vegetables and thus phytochemicals are not only harmful to your health, but evidence shows they can tangibly shorten your life. 

GO Condition’s all-natural formulation redresses the nutrition gap modern life imposes on us all, so you can take the rest of your (with good fortune longer and healthier) life, head on…and head held high.

About the author.

Nick Gillitt PHD is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at the David H Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) based in Kannapolis, North Carolina and a former Vice President of Dole Food Company where he was also Director of the Dole Nutrition Institute.