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The birth of Go Condition

Go Condition was born of pioneering nutritional research conducted at Appalachian State University Human Performance Lab in 2005. The research was funded by a $1.1 million contract awarded by DARPA, the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. 

DARPA needed a natural, lightweight, easily taken nutritional supplement to maintain the immune systems of troops undergoing the extreme physical and cognitive stresses of combat. Dr David Nieman, the director of the Human Performance Lab had previously conducted research that documented extreme exercise, such as running a marathon, weakens a person's immune system and increases infection rates and was already exploring antidotes.

His research found that a natural antioxidant derived from plants (called a flavonoid) was able to reduce illness and maintain mental performance in physically stressed test subjects. Flavonoids such as quercetin, green tea catechins, and bilberry anthocyanins contain naturally occurring, powerful anti-oxidants proven in a controlled clinical trial to reduce susceptibility to viral illnesses and dampen inflammation, particularly in physically and mentally stressed individuals.

The average U.S. citizen eating a normal, healthy diet consumes only about 250 milligrams of flavonoids a day. Further research by the lab found that the optimal effective dose of flavonoids was 500 mg per day. In a study, 20 cyclists took strict high dose protocol of quercetin each day for five weeks. A placebo was given to 20 other cyclists. Three weeks into the study, the athletes rode a bicycle three hours a day for three days to the point of exhaustion. "We set it up to really stress the athletes," Nieman said.

Researchers then studied blood and tissue samples to track any physiological changes occurring in the test subjects. While 45% of the cyclists who took a placebo reported illness following the extreme exercise, only 5% of the flavonoid group reported any days of sickness. There was no evidence of any adverse side effects.

"That's a highly significant difference," Nieman said. "When you have a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study and you have those kinds of differences, it can't be due to chance. This is the first study that has found a natural plant compound to prevent viral illness”

Researchers in Appalachian's Department of Psychology also found that following the three days of exercise, quercetin helped maintain mental alertness and reaction time of the subjects.

"The subjects taking the flavonoid supplement maintained their ability to react to an alertness test when exhausted, whereas those who took the placebo became measurably slower.

Go Condition is the world’s best all-natural nutritional supplement for anyone looking to enhance energy, vitality, alertness and immunity under any and all stressful situations. It’s optimized formula delivering 500 mg of flavonoids daily has been rigorously tested in human double-blind clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. See peer-reviewed research here.

To create it we narrowed down thousands of the world’s best ingredients, took the most important active flavonoids, concentrated them, and through a patented composition which consists of just 6 simple ingredients, created the most bioavailable, bioactive, and beneficial health and performance supplement you can buy.