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People of Go Condition

People of Go Condition

Once a month we feature a customer who is also a great advocate for our work.

Logan Sorensen is a former Pro baseballer and current pilot, adventurer and outdoorsman who occasionally combines all three.

This is what he has to say;

"It’s been a steep uphill battle trying to feel like I did in my prime ever since my athletic career was cut short due to injuries. But after discovering GO Condition PRIME I feel like my body and mind got a new powerful engine. I recover faster, I wake up more refreshed, I can focus all day, and I feel capable of taking on any challenge… like I used to!

I’ve been impressed with the GO Condition brand because it seems like most performance supplements are geared for very young athletes who don’t have to worry about what they put in their bodies. Meanwhile GO Condition seems to be thinking harder about how to maximize my ability without compromising my health.

The Focus bars have been great for when I’m flying long hours and I want an extra boost of mental energy before approaching a landing. And the bigger snack bars have been great to carry up the mountain on exploratory hikes when I’ll be away from food for many hours.

The Pre-workout is my new favorite product because it’s such an immediate physiological change. I was amazed on Day 1 when my power and stamina went to a completely new level in the gym. I guarantee once you lift with the GO Condition Pre-workout, you’ll never want to lift without it. And thank heavens it doesn’t make my skin itch when I take it either!

The GO Condition Protein caught my attention when reading about the ProHydrolase in it. A higher percentage of protein can get to the muscle instead of just sitting in my stomach making me feel bloated and heavy. The protein tastes great and is super light on my stomach, but most importantly I’m packing on effortless lean muscle. The more I use it, the more I like it.

I love the Peach Ring BCAAs. Maybe my favorite flavor ever. I know BCAAs are good for me especially on higher physical intensity days, but I really just love drinking it every day because it tastes so good.

All in all, I’m a HUGE fan of GO Condition because they have clearly gone the extra mile to design high performance products and don’t cut corners. I can feel the difference between how good GO Condition products make my body feel versus all the other brands I’ve tried in the past. It feels like there’s finally a company that is actually thinking about maximizing my performance and well-being, not just their bottom line.