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Our new YouTube channel features an interview with Dr David Nieman who formulated Go Condition. At 42 mins long it sets out clearly the science and the premise of our foundational supplement. The research is fascinating and informative. Go Condition Prime is a supplement that has been formulated around this science.

Don’t have 40 mins? Then watch the 1 min video posted by Charlie Engle, which explains the key promise of Go Condition…it brings back your “days of glory”.

If you'd like to go through the interview with David Nieman here is a quick guide to the information and where you can find it;

3:00-6:00 🔥 (The plight of the service men and women, how they needed something to keep them healthy when life got hard...and why ibuprofen type meds are destructive to the gut and in fact can actually cause inflammation under certain circumstances). The origin of Go Condition as we looked for a natural solution.

6:00-7:00 👌🏼 (You can’t treat flavonoids like a drug, more isn’t necessarily better, and you have to combine them correctly for full effect. Not all "Flavonoid" combinations are equal. It's better to combine than create "mega doses" of one. Quercetin enables viral defence. but in mega doses doesn't act as an anti-inflammatory.)

7:00-8:00 “When we started combining the flavonoids is when we found success.”

10:00-10:30 (If you exercise on GO Condition, you get much more bang for your flavonoid)

10:50-11:30 (How Go Condition knocked out activation of inflammasome...and why that matters)

13:00-13:30 (The synergistic effects and bioactive effects of Go Condition)

13:55-14:10 (Putting together the blend to make it work just right)

14:50-15:40 ( Improved Cognitive Function / Reduced Inflammation)

16:30-18:00 ( Fish Oil...seriously?!...Humans need DHA for long term brain health, based on what we know, there isn’t a worthy substitute for fish oil...which is why its in Go Condition)

19:00-21:00 (It takes a while for increased flavonoid consumption (2 weeks) to retune your gut micro-biome)

24:00-25:00 (The Overall return from taking GO Condition)

32:00-33:00 (The hippies were right! (Again!)...non-nutrients like fiber/flavonoids are vital to our health)

35:30-37:00 (We feel that 2 capsules will benefit virtually everyone, but people who are really pushing it should double up and take 4 capsules to sustain performance)

39:00-40:30 (Gut derived phenolics, what’s happening to activate Go Condition in your body)

41:30-42:00 (Our bodies can use these molecules to prolong longevity)

44:40-45:30 (We have to have flavonoids for health, but we need the bacteria in the gut to benefit from them and ultimate fight disease, Covid)