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The People of Go Condition

The People of Go Condition

Karen Morrison is a self employed property investor and mother of two who needs to be "Go Condition" every day. She explains how Go Condition helps throughout the day;

 In ‘Go Condition’, every day

I have been taking Go Condition for two months now and the changes and benefits are subtle but pronounced. I originally started taking it as a natural anti-inflammatory to help with soreness after my workouts, as I had heard that flavonoids were good for that. I’m pre-menopausal and have found that I no longer need to use progesterone cream as my skin and nails just seem a lot healthier than they were. I don’t know why, but it’s a nice surprise. …and the workouts are definitely easier. Go Condition has definitely helped me feel in ‘Go Condition’ every day.

I love the size of the Focus bars. They are small but mighty. They have all the caffeine I need to kick start my day or afternoon and they really do help me focus. They’re much better tasting than coffee and seem to hit just the right spot. I’m a convert to all three flavors, but especially the sweet coconut.

I'm also a big fan of the snack bars…particularly the Chocolate Nut.

I love the fact that these are all natural with natural and have ingredients that I recognize and would eat anyway. My kids and I are gluten intolerant so the fact that these are low sugar and gluten and dairy free is just perfect for us as a convenient snack at any time of day to power us through online school, skiing, volley ball…you name it.