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The People of Go Condition

The People of Go Condition

Holly J is a high ranked tennis enthusiast who finds time for yoga, marathons and yoga. Go Condition helps her keep on going.

She says;

"Here’s what I like about “Go Prime.”

When people hear about my schedule, they often say, “I’m tired just hearing about your schedule.”  I get up at 4:15 in the morning to be ready to teach a 5:15am work-out class.  I love it and have been teaching early morning fitness classes for over 25 years!   

Then, I go to my “real job” – I’m a National sales director for a media company and handle negotiations for national companies in 22 cities & towns and have to work across multiple time zones – from Eastern to Pacific.   

After COVID – every expectation is higher and every dollar to our company is more significant than ever before.  It can definitely get pretty stressful. 

I’ve often mentioned how I hit a mental wall about 3pm because of my long days and early mornings.  But since I started taking Go Prime, I’m able to be “with it” mentally and physically for as long as I need.

After a 10 hour day at work – I usually try to fit in a tennis match 2 or 3 times per week.  And finally – I teach a yoga class every Saturday.  Needless to say – I need all the energy I can get!  And Go Prime gives me the focus and energy I need to get through whatever activity my life throws at me!

I’m also really focused on my health.  My father died of Colon cancer about 18 years ago and my husband had a small stroke last summer.  Those have taught me how it’s even more important for me to take better charge of my health and do everything I can to keep disease at bay.