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Russ Garn. Fitness Model

Russ Garn. Fitness Model

Russ G is a certified personal trainer and fitness the photo shows. He rates Go Condition products the best of any he has tried.

He's from Eagle Mountain, UT and aged 63 years old.

He says;

"Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have always been cornerstone in my life. Currently, I spend two hours in the gym training, then run 7 to 12 miles - 6 to 7 days a week. When I was young, I played many sports. But as I got older, running, and overall fitness become my priorities. I have run over 70,000 miles in my lifetime. In my 30’s I focused on running 5k’s and 10k’s, and a few half marathons. My PR for 5k is 15:40, and 34:30 for 10k. My fitness training at that time was mostly pushups and core training.

As I got into my 40’s I started running half marathons, marathons and mountain races. Mountain races are my favored runs. My fitness training converted into total body training, especially core, agility, and balance exercises. My PR for half marathon is 1.15:10, and marathon PR is 2:32.

The last marathon I competed, at age 52, I ran a 2:38. Currently I run 50 plus miles a week, most of them in the mountains on steep roads and trails. Staying healthy and strong has become more important. But for me to continue this rigorous lifestyle, energy levels and recovery are of greatest importance to deliver increased and sustained performance.

 The GO Condition products are outstanding with amazing results. I have studied their formulations and the brains behind them. In the past 47 years I have tried almost everything on the market, but nothing compares to Go Condition. I often wonder what my times would have been in the past if I could have used GO’s products. The energy level, mental focus and clarity, and recovery supersedes any others. If you want to be your best, you must take the best.


Provides total recovery from intense gym workouts, tough mountain runs, and even from a long hard day of moving topsoil and laying sod. I started using Prime from its inception. Personally, I take two capsules in the morning and two at night. Your body performs most of its recovery at night while you sleep, so taking it before bed is a plus. My training and running are more intense than it was 20 years ago, just not quite as fast!

Peak Charge Pre-workout

I have tried and used numerous pre-workout products from energy gels to powders. The Peak Charge provides me with the sustained energy I require. What I experience most is the mental focus and alertness I feel and how it benefits my ability to perform harder. The flavors and taste (of ALL the products) is refreshing. I love the raspberry best. I can remember when I was a kid picking raspberries and eating them off the vine in the orchard. The aftertaste of the raspberry flavor tastes just like the fresh raspberries!

Total Resurge BCAA’s

A recovery supplement is critical to support my high intensity level. Not only are the flavors exceptional, but I also recover much quicker and more complete. Stretching, SMR and sleep are all vital for recovery, Total Resurge accelerates the process. Lately, (on top of going to the gym and running) I have been completing some challenging work in the yard. I had five yards of rock delivered to dress up the area around the home. That is equivalent to 75 wheelbarrows of rock to fill, push around the yard, and scoop out. I drank Total Resurge while I was working and man! It made a great difference in accomplishing the physical task!

Max Fusion Powder

The GO protein powders are the best tasting I have consumed. I take it after every day’s work out and run. Other protein powders have upset my stomach and caused gas. I have never experienced that with Max Fusion, an EXCELLENT formulation.

Focus Bars

One of the best protein bars I have eaten. The all-natural ingredients are a plus for me and great for a snack before I head out for a run. I snack on the throughout the day as well. I am a coffee lover, so the Mocha Bars are my favorite.