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Luke Opp

Luke Opp

Luke O runs for recovery from a vehicle very high altitudes. Go Condition's altitude support plus supplements keeps him there. 

Luke Opp is a House Builder, Vehicle Injury Survivor and Endurance Runner

 Luke is 42 years old, a Marine Corps veteran, living in Big Fork MT.  After being hit by a car changing a flat tire, he got sick of being a statistic and started to work out and lose weight, in 2013 he took up endurance trail running. “I run on a basis of not stopping when I’m tired, just going till I’m done.”

 He says "Go Condition supplements are my “Go” to when it comes to training in the mountains of Montana for High elevation ultra’s.  From summiting peaks or the continental divide in Glacier National Park, to summiting Lone Peak during “The Rut”, Altitude sets me up and Prime takes the edge of all of the inflammation."

"For longer remote training marathons, the Snack bars are great and I always use the Go Condition Pre-workout any given day as the beet extract helps me so much! "

 His last piece of advice?

Remember, it’s always mind over matter.  Finish YOUR race.