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The People of Go Condition. Andrew Heddle

The People of Go Condition. Andrew Heddle

Go Condition co-founder, Andrew Heddle, is a 53 year old father of two who lives, works and plays hard in the outdoors.

Originally from the UK, I've been living here in Minnesota for the past 14 years. While I played plenty of sport as a child, when I hit my post college career I let things go for a while, until one morning I had the epiphany that I wouldn't always be able to rely on my body and my overall health. If I didn't take care of myself now, then I wouldn't be able to take care of myself in my later years.

I immediately got interested in all things health and nutrition as well as the psychology of performance. It's been a 25 year journey and one thing I now know for certain is that the learning never stops and the striving never ends.

Being invited to join the founding team of Go Condition brought my interest in health and fitness in body, mind and spirit into sharp focus.

It's been fascinating meeting experts in nutrition, exercise, endurance racing, high performance and supplementation as we've worked to create a range of products that really do what they say and fulfill the promise they make.

The stand out lesson so far has been that "less is more". Our goal is to develop products that are intelligible and deliver on their promise by working with our bodies to help them perform at their current best, and to help them improve habitually and consistently.

Go Condition means "I'm ready". Our products are thoughtfully developed with an eye on ensuring that they help each of us say "i'm ready" for whatever life throws at us in the gym, in the field, on the mountain or at work. I am "Go Condition".

Being the co-founder is a huge motivation to continually improve my workout protocols, my nutrition and my outlook. 

Supplement and nutrition businesses are built on trust, and customers have to trust that you believe in your products and your practices and that you live by them.

When I present our products at events and shows, I'm very keen to ensure that people see a fit 53 year old who understands his products and also the work that it takes to stay fit and healthy into the future.

I genuinely believe in everything we do, and in the concern and care that our partners put into helping us formulate and manufacture products that will help you make meaningful improvements to every aspect of your game.

I recommend them all for giving you everything you need and nothing you don't.

If you have an idea for a product and any comments at all to make about them then please do email me at andrew.heddle@vistaoutdoor.com.