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Tim Frame, Spartan. Go Condition Ambassador

Tim Frame, Spartan. Go Condition Ambassador

Tim's Story...

Tim Frame completed his first Spartan race in 2013, weighing in at 148lbs and at 5'11 he was at the height of his physical fitness. You would have picked him as your ideal personal trainer.

Less than a year after that race, however, Frame lost almost his entire long-term memory due to viral encephalitis, a rare, brain-eating disease from which doctors thought he would never recover. As he was rushed into emergency surgery after being diagnosed via spinal tap, medical professionals told his then-wife that if he survived, he would likely exist in a vegetative state.

His brain had deteriorated so much, he was told he only had a 3 percent chance of survival, but he persevered through surgery and a three-day coma.

When he came round, he couldn’t recognize his wife or son. “It was as if my dad had a twin brother, and my original dad died and his twin brother that I never knew about came in and was my new parent,” his son Conner recalls. 

Tim's difficulties didn’t end there.

As part of his recovery, doctors restricted him to bed rest with heavy doses of steroids to help repair his brain. The drugs eventually backfired, however, and caused a massive pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in his lungs, that spread throughout his body.

Once again, he was rushed to the hospital.

“The doctor told me it was the biggest blood clot he had ever worked on his career,” he says. “I can remember his exact words. I’ll never get them out of my head. He says, ‘This is a fatal event. Let’s go.’”

Tim was able to fight off the infection, and as he did so his outlook changed. He adopted what he now calls "active recovery". 

Instead of resting and waiting for his body to heal. He began to take great care over both dimensions of health and fitness:- His diet and physical exercise regimes.

“Being on a couch for three months tied to an IV on steroids is what nearly killed me again,” Frame says. “Not being active nearly killed me, so I preach an active recovery now. That’s what I try to share and do through diet, exercise and physical therapy on a daily basis.”

Tim's active recovery included a goal of working out every day with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and 100 pull-ups. Since he began keeping a daily gym journal in June 2015, he says, he has missed out on this only on race days.

To keep himself in condition and able to recover from this punishing regime he has become a complete expert in nutrition and supplementation.

This fixation on supportive diet is what piqued Tim's interest in Go Condition Prime.

So why did Tim start taking Go Condition PRIME?

He says "I was first introduced to Go Condition Prime last year as part of my Spartan SGX training group. Spartan had teamed up with Go Condition for the launch of the product and it promised to help with post race and workout recovery by lowering inflammation naturally.

As I always do I took a really long hard look at the ingredients to make sure they were natural and healthy, and I began to read up on Flavonoids (the main active ingredient in Go Condition) and how they help with exercise induced stress and mental alertness and recovery. Once I was satisfied that this was an all natural product which was backed be sensible and rigorous research I took the plunge.

I took the two capsules diligently twice a day and noticed a significant difference, not only in my energy level and endurance, but in my ability to stay focused for longer period of times too.

This was crucial for me as someone who has to work around a brain injury to study and improve my knowledge of sports nutrition and physical education for my personal training certifications 

I'm really  impressed with how it's impacted me physically on a daily basis, and the energy it gives me too, but I'm more impressed, with how it's impacted me mentally, and the increased level of focus it gives me. 

I have struggled to overcome my brain injuries for nearly 7 years ago now, and the loss of all of my long-term memories. Being able to experience an improvement in my focus and cognition is a game changer for me.

How PRIME helps me live the life I want 

After 7 solid years of pretty much the same nutritional habits during my time of recovery, I very rarely strayed from my routine, until I was introduced to Go Condition by our Spartan SGX team, back in October of 2020.

Go Condition Prime helps me recover actively from a heavy training load so I don't feel as sore after a workout or a run or a race and it helps keep me fresh and mentally alert for my studies and the mental aspect of my racing.

Mental issues have impacted me even more than the physical issues I still have from those 2 health scares. The work and effort I've put into my physical recovery has been huge and constant, and Spartan racing  has been such a huge part of that recovery as well.

The mental aspects of my daily routine and activities are absolutely central to my recovery, and I can't tell you how important my nutritional habits have become and how Go Condition, has become a significant and essential part of my routine and regime. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to raise and maintain their physical and mental game.

I'm so grateful for that introduction to Prime, and I couldn't be more impressed with how it's impacted me both physically and mentally.

For me It has been awesome!

And that’s why I "PRIME" every day.

On a study day I know I am benefitting based on what the science says and what I can feel in my mind, my attention and my focus .

And on my training runs and workouts , I feel the difference in my body.

Trust me, I've had some really challenging years lately, but this past year, has been really challenging for everyone, both physically and mentally, and it continues to be so this year too. 

But finding ways to keep our body and mind GO-ing during these crazy times, is more important than ever. 

GO Condition has helped keep me GO-ing this past year, and reach some really big goals, which now includes approaching 200 lifetime Spartan races by the end of this year, and also includes me qualifying for the Spartan North American Championships in Tahoe later this year, after a top ten finish while using Go Condition earlier this year at a race in Florida.

I couldn't be more confident going into this year's races that Go Condition will help keep me GO-ing and doing It ANYWAY this year again too.

I'm kinda known for being that guy in the Spartan Race world, and I gotta keep that GO-ing too!