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Three Interesting Thoughts…on being “Go Condition” for 2021

Three Interesting Thoughts…on being “Go Condition” for 2021


  1. Less is More. Start the year off with a clear out. Clear out your pantry, fridge, kitchen, home, car, and all of your social media accounts and old promotional emails. Keeping only what you need and want for the year ahead. Delete the old and make space for the new.
  1. Stock up. Having got rid of the old and the unnecessary fill the void with the new and needed. Put health and wellbeing in the pantry and kitchen, efficiency and focus in the office and comfort and calm in the car. Don’t let last year’s bad habits gain a foothold this year. 
  1. Pick a theme for the year. An idea, a word or a phrase that resonates with you and embodies something that you want to characterize your daily life this year. Write this down and keep it on your desk or mirror and look at it every day. Examples might be “generosity”, “less is more”, “smarter beats harder” etc. Its more constructive to live according to a theme and an idea than a rule.

Two Great Offers

  1. The ideas in today’s newsletter were inspired by my Christmas gift of Joshua Becker’s book; The More of Less. Available on Amazon for only $8.99.
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One Challenge

 #lessismore. Go through your home ruthlessly dispose of the old, the unnecessary and superfluous. Start the new year with a clean slate, renewed energy and focus.

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