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Waging “Phyto-Chemical” Warfare

Waging “Phyto-Chemical” Warfare

Phyto-Chemicals are the non-nutritional compounds, literally chemicals, that are only produced by plants (hence Phyto, Greek for “plant”). They are found in all parts of the plant but are particularly concentrated in the peels for reasons that will become very clear. We typically consume them in berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and teas.

Their role in the plant is focused on protection. Their presence thwarts and wards off assaults and attacks from competitors, pathogens and predators enabling the plant to survive and then thrive in its life. The peels in particular of fruits and vegetables have high concentrations of these chemicals since its their first line of defense, these high concentrations are often given away by their rich dark and varied coloring.

To their natural predators, these chemicals are offensive, toxic, and threatening. They are literally designed for the brutal warfare that defines life on earth.

Interesting…but what’s in it for me?

A healthy diet that is free from anti-nutrients and composed of natural whole food sources of macro and micronutrients is a solid foundation for immediate short term health goals . But everyone, no matter how healthy, needs a fighter in their corner for sustained long-term health and disease avoidance. 

And this is where Phyto-Chemicals come in. 

We have an innate ability to take the same qualities that make these compounds poisons for predators and turn them into protectors in our bodies. When we eat and digest phyto-chemicals they become fighters in our bodies by acting as harmless antagonists of our own in-built stealth protection mechanisms that kill the inflammation and oxididative stress that often precedes diseases like cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Simply put they put our cellular defense systems on a heightened sense of surveillance, stopping damage before it occurs.

Go Condition is “Phyto-Chemical Warfare”

Go Condition was designed to provide the optimal daily dose of 500mg of phyto chemicals called ‘flavonoids’, to stimulate your body to engage and attack health-destroying invaders like inflammation and oxidative stress, so you can perform at your best today, knowing that you are setting yourself up for a longer, healthier, more active life.

Go Condition has been meticulously researched, exhaustively trialed and thoughtfully formulated to ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t to support your pursuit of health and longevity.

About the author.

Nick Gillitt PHD is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at the David H Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) based in Kannapolis, North Carolina and a former Vice President of Dole Food Company where he was also Director of the Dole Nutrition Institute.