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What does "Go Condition" mean?

What does

To say that something is “Go Condition” is to state that everything and everyone needed for a venture, activity or emergency has been meticulously considered, prepared, checked and made ready. 

“Go Condition” is a statement of readiness for action with wide application to tasks and ventures that are both planned and unplanned (although not unexpected).

When a person, a team, a group or a unit are “Go Condition” they are prepared, expectant and ready for the challenge ahead of them, especially when the landscape or situation is changing, and the conditions are unpredictable.

“Go Condition” is habit, a state of mind and being for people who recognize the importance of being prepared for the worst while being required to give their best. 

First responders, military, athletes of all types and stripes, medical workers, NGO’s, emergency response crews, ranchers, sailors, oil workers and many others live in the habitual state of “Go Condition”.

“Go Condition” is an intentional state of readiness, capability and resilience.

Everything we do is informed by the goal of helping people who live, work and play hard in the outdoors, to be ready for what lies ahead.