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Who are the people of Go Condition?

Who are the people of Go Condition?

Author: Andrew Heddle

It’s exactly two years today since we founded Go Condition. Go Condition is the sports nutrition and supplement brand owned and operated by Vista Outdoor Inc.

Vista owns brands you already recognize and use such as CamelBak, Bell, Giro, Blackburn, Bushnell, Blackhawk Federal and Speer. All brands committed to helping anyone who lives, works and plays hard in the outdoors to get more out of their activities and their life.

 When I and my co-founder Nate joined forces we wanted to serve the aspirations of anyone who lives for the outdoors and Go Condition is the result.

 We conceive and formulate products with the express aim of helping people who are intent on performing at their highest current capabilities. People who are pushing themselves to achieve more through intentional, disciplined effort as naturally and as possible with no short cuts.

Each month we feature our customers in our marketing and communications and over the course of our first two years a common theme has formed.

People who respond to our brand and our products are hard-working, discerning and sophisticated as far as exercise and nutrition is concerned. They read the labels with a discerning eye and understand the importance of the combination and quantities of individual ingredients.

I know from my emails and texts that our advocates have extremely well-tuned BS antenna.

We don’t appeal to a demographic so much as a ‘psychographic”. Regardless of age or gender or background our customers are mature, self-determining, and have invariably lived very full lives…lives that in some cases have brought ruin on their bodies…ruin that they are now fixing one day and one adventure at a time.

We particularly appeal to people who are in recovery and people who are obsessively concerned with what they are putting in their bodies. Both groups respond to us for the same reason…they really care about everything they eat or drink or ingest so they can make the absolute most of the strength, energy and focus they have now and want to develop for the future.

Our advocates and customers are extremely competitive with themselves, even though for many of them they no longer compete against others. They are looking to be their personal best rather than to achieve a new “personal best”. They don’t need the approval of others. They judge their own efforts based on what they put in rather than who they have bested in competition.

Go Condition means “I’m Ready”. Being ready to take on new challenges is what defines the people of Go Condition.

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