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  • Newsletter #2 October 29th 2020. The world's fittest 65 Year old!

    3-2-1 Go Condition! A couple of times a month we share three interesting or inspirational quotes or articles we found about nutrition, health & fitness, two great offers we created for you and one challenge you can undertake to push yourself and others to be “Go Condition” every day. We try t...
  • Newsletter #1

    Our bi-weekly newsletter aims to give you an interesting, inspiring and challenging take on health, fitness and nutrition. Sign up at the bottom of this page. Here's what you are missing;
  • The best and easiest plan to support your immune system and help fight off infections this flu season

    Quick 4 Minute Read (And well worth it) Resilience to viruses has never been more important than during this flu season – and resilience is a strategy not just a supplement (although our immunity stack is a great help) so we’ve together these small steps to help you make the most of your immunity...
  • Why you (likely) need to supplement vitamin D today!

    The combination of Vitamin D3 and Go Condition is ideal for supporting your immune system this flu season. 
  • Flavo-What Now? Why You Should Care About Flavonoids

    BY PATTY HODAPP You count your macros and micros religiously, and for good reason. Any serious endurance athlete knows how crappy nutrient deprivation can feel when bagging a trail run, HIIT workout or OCR event. (Think: fatigue, cramping, gut rot, lightheadedness, slow reaction time and poor...
  • My Adventures in Monotony

    By Charlie Engle As the intrepid Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton famously noted,  “OPTIMISM IS TRUE MORAL COURAGE.” It takes true courage to be optimistic and for me, as for you, every day this year has been an exercise in summoning up the courage to sustain optimism. It’s just as much a daily ...
  • The latest research on vitamin D is in...
    so should you be on it?

     Vitamin D has long been associated with bone health as calcium can only be absorbed into your bones in the presence of vitamin D. It is also now often linked to healthy immune response and particularly as an protective factor against viruses and URTIs (Upper respiratory tract infections, the co...
  • Don't wait for the pandemic to end to get started on living your best life

    While none of us is at fault for the pandemic, we all have a responsibility to prepare ourselves for its effects
  • Hormesis, Flavonoids, and why we should seek stress and #defycomfort just as nature intended

    By Dr Nick Gillitt Hormesis is the reason that eating a diet rich in Flavonoids is part of an effective overall nutritional strategy to promote the best chance for continued health and longevity that our genes are capable of. Research shows the higher dietary intake of all Polyphenols in general ...
  • Mind The Gap…why keeping your nutrition on track is the key to longevity

    The best health your DNA will allow you is a gift, but not a given. It’s something you can claim by eating a diet rich in naturally occurring macro and micro-nutrients and phyto-chemicals and by supplementing where valuable daily.
  • Charlie Engle, Ultra-marathoner and Go Condition Ambassador

    Go Condition is unlike almost any other supplement I know of, because it is a “non-nutrient” supplement, derived from flavonoids which are found in the colorful skins and leaves of plants. These compounds work to induce a small dose of inflammatory stress in my body that primes it for everything from the stresses of everyday life to the stresses of my 5.8 Global Adventure Series.
  • Flavonoids, the unsung heroes of nutrition

    During the last decade of my career I have learned how critically important complete nutrition is to our overall health and quality of life, especially as we age. Most alarming to me is how easy and therefore dangerous it is to not get complete nutrition or in other words to have “gaps” in it you don’t fill.