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Go Condition Prime Immunity
Go Condition Prime Immunity
Go Condition Prime Immunity
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Go Condition Prime Immunity



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This seems to have it all, Vitamin C,D & B12 as well as Zinc, Copper and a potent flavonoid mix. Digests easily and hits all the spots

This supplement must have one of the most comprehensive ingredient lists I've seen! I actually swapped over from the Prime flavonoid supplement to this one, as the extra $5 is really worth it. I still get all the alertness and benefits of Prime, plus the Zinc and Vitamin D. This genuinely rocks it.

A big thumbs up...this really is an 8 in 1 deal.

Everything You Need

Immune System Support Supplement

Prime Immunity combines our patented flavonoid complex with the right amounts of;

  • *Zinc 
  • *Copper
  • *Vitamin B12
  • *Vitamin D3 
  • *Vitamin C

to support healthy, proportionate and appropriate immune and inflammatory response.

What's the deal with flavonoids? How do they help immunity?

 Flavonoids are the most active polyphenols in plants and possess great potential to support your long-term health goals.

GO CONDITION researched thousands of the world’s best naturally occurring nutrient sources. We narrowed them down to the most powerful, and then concentrated the flavonoids from these sources into a blend that guarantees higher absorption in the body.


Sourced from Asia, our green tea is cultivated, harvested, and processed to extract the maximum amounts of natural flavonoids. Two GO CONDITION! capsules are equivalent to drinking nearly 2 cups of the highest quality green tea in the world.


Found in Northern Europe, our wild bilberry extract is one of the most unique and pure products on earth. It contains an incredibly diverse flavonoid profile, providing a wide array of proven health benefits in a highly potent form.


Quercetin supplementation is linked to a reduction in the severity and number of sick days associated with upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) in older, physically active adults (Heinz et al., 2010).

In addition to our patented flavonoid complex we've included everything you need and nothing you don't to help support a great immune response.

Enough of each of the vitamins and minerals to really make a difference.

You simply don’t need anything else.

What's Inside

  • Vitamin C 500mg
  • Vitamin D3 600IU
  • Vitamin B12 15mcg
  • Zinc 11mg
  • Copper 900mg
  • Fish Oil 200mg
  • Green Tea 180mg
  • Wild Bilberry 156mg
  • Quercetin 150mg
  • Natural Caffeine 100mg
  • Feel alert and alive
  • Great all natural dietary component
  • Immune Support
  • Improved athletic endurance and strength